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Medi1 TV

The company that edits the TV channel of the same name, was founded by Pierre Casalta - founder of Medi 1 Radio 26 years prior. Its investors were representative entities of the Moroccan government alongside French investors, as it were the case for Medi1 Radio. This time around, it was to be an agreement between new king Mohamed VI and French President of the time, Jaques Chirac.

The company faced many challenges including a lack of interest on the part of the French state, that was unwilling to invest more money into the company, and launching a new project concomitantly, which was to become a success: France 24. 

As it went through a phase of restructuring in 2009, French investors sold their shares and in 2010 the newly formed Board of Directors appointed a new CEO, Mr. Abbas Azzouzi, who previous to this position was director of the national office for tourism.

In 2014, the TV announced once again a new restructuring, through capital opening to two Emirati media firms allowing it to triple its initial capital by injecting €71 millions. With this change, a new Cahier de Charges had to be submitted to the HACA to get approval for their new ownership and editorial line. In 2016, the channel announced an editorial redesign and this has thus led to a new leadership in the company: CEO Hassan Khiyar was named by the Board of Directors. Mr. Khiyar is also CEO of Medi 1 TV's sister-radio Medi 1 Radio (Radio Méditerranée Internationale).

Amongst the shareholders of this company, we find the Moussahma 1, owner of 8.83%, a private equity fund, managed by the private equity general partner firm Upline Group Generalist Fund. Alongside it, Itissalat Al Maghrib, at 7.81%, one of three telecommunications mastodontes of the country. Finally, Attijari Capital Développement, present at 3.67% and Wafa Assurances, present at 3.67%, both subsidearies of Attijari Wafa Bank, a company owned at 48% by royal holding group SNI.

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Steed Media

A UAE company specalized in investing in the media industry.

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Medi1 TV


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Pierre Casalta

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Founder but also CEO of the Radio Medi1 for almost thirty years, Pierre Casalta, a French national had his entries in the inner circles of power in both France and Morocco. He started out at Radio Monte-Carlo before launching the Medi1 venture following directives from former Moroccan King Hassan II and French President Valerie Giscard d’Estaing. A fervent defender of the Moroccan monarchy and a trusted media owner, Casalta launched the sister TV to his radio channel: Media 1 TV (known as Medi1 Sat at the time of its launch). His aim was to build a TV targeting the Maghreb.




Zone Franche de Tanger

Lot 31BP 2397

Tanger, Morocco

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Latest Cahier des Charges received by email from Mr. El Hammoumi. On 24th October 2017.

Latest publicly available data on capital division dates back to 2013.

Latest available revenue and operating profit dates back to 2015.

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