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Noureddine Miftah

Noureddine Miftah

Nourredine Miftah, 54 years-old, is the founder of the Arabic-language weekly Al Ayam.

He graduated from l’Institut supérieur de journalisme (ISJ), and started his journalistic career at Al Ittihad Al Ichtiraki, the official Arabic-language news outlet of the left-wing party the Socialist Union of Popular Forces [USFP], at the time under the direction of Mohamed El Brini.

After a short stint at the TV channel 2M, he became a professor of written press at the Institut de formation des journalistes [IFJ] in Casablanca and launched at the same time a short-lived newspaper Akhbar Addar Al Beïda.

In 1996, he is part of the first editorial team of the Arabic-language weekly Maghrib Al Yaoum, owned by businessman Abdelhadi Alami. Two years later, he quits and joins, alongside his editorial team and journalist Abderrahim Tafnout, the group Media Trust, editor of Le Journal Hebdo, in order to launch the Arabic-language weekly Assahifa.

 In 2002, Miftah leads a collective resignation, due to an editorial disagreement with the Director of Publication Le Journal Hebdo, Aboubakr Jamaï. Alongside the team he resigns with, he launches Al Ayam, an Arabic language weekly that will quickly become leader in its category. The early days of Al Ayam were punctuated by a series of spats with the State.

In 2015, Miftah was reelected for the third time as President of the Moroccan Federation of Newspaper Editors [FMEJ]. He played a pivotal role throughout the negotiations led between the government and professionals of the press to elaborate the current Press Code. He is currently working, again with the government, towards creating a National Council of the Press.

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