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The selection of print outlets for this study was based on the ‘number of individual purchases’ rather than on ‘overall circulation’ numbers for said outlets. This is explained by the fact that the this study focuses on audience and readership numbers. However, given the large gap between purchase and circulation, we deemed that the latter was not representative of readership. All the data was gathered from the Moroccan Justification and Diffusion Organisation (Organisme Marocain de Justification et de Diffusion [OJD]), tasked with auditing these numbers communicated to them by each outlet. 

Furthermore, as per the methodology, we have selected outlets that focus on current news, and have excluded monthlies and non-generalist outlets. Thus, our selection includes eleven dailies (of which five are French-language outlets and six are Arabic-language ones) and five weeklies (of which four are French-language outlets and one is Arabic-language ones). 

On a final note, given the specificities of the Moroccan context, we have chosen to compile French-language and Arabic-language outlets separately. Doing otherwise would have greatly penalised French-language outlets that are directed to the minority of the readership yet have immense influence. 

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