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Social capital averaging $US 5 million.Importance du groupe:


The group ECOMEDIAS is a public company with a social capital averaging $US 5 millions. It was created 1991. Today it owns five media outlets, one printing plant as well as a School of Journalism created in 2008. It still is one of the few press groups in the country. It has over the years, brought together an impressive selection of shareholders. Besides the couple Dilami/Borrut, who are the founders and editors of the two daily papers published by this company, the capital is divided amongst a company belonging to royal holding group SNI, Global Communication; a holding group belonging to one of the countries’ wealthiest families, the Kettani family, SOPAR; a leading market research firm in the country, SUNERGIA; and shares owned by the Mr. Belyazid, editor-in-chief of the company’s French-language daily.


In addition to this, a symbolic share - amounting to a mere 0.003% - is owned by four figures of the Moroccan economic establishment. Starting with Meriem Bensalah, who sits on the board of her family holding group HOLMARCOM, one of the country's most important businesses with a revenue averaging $US 400 Millions in 2012 - she is also president of the representative body of business owners [CGEM]. Another single share is owned by Driss Benhima, who successively held the positions of CEO of Office National de l'Electricité (ONE), Morocco's national power authority, Minister of Transport, Energy, Tourism, Mining and Merchant Navy, Governor of the region of Casablanca, Director of the Agency for the Promotion and the Economic and Social Development of the Northern Prefectures and Provinces of the Moroccan Kingdom (APDN) and finally CEO of Morocco's national airline company Royal Air Maroc. Two other shares are held by Amyn Alami and Mourad Cherif, the former being a banker, co-founder of Casablanca Finance Group, and the latter, a former minister that was in charge consecutively of four different ministries as well as former CEO of the ONA group (now royal holding SNI) and managed the mastodonte phosphates public company [OCP].


Société Marocaine de Participation [SOPAR], 5,46%

Khalid Belyazid, 3.9%

Meriem Bensalah, 0.003%

Driss Benhima, 0.003%

Amyn Alami, 0.003%

Mourad Cherif , 0.003%



Key facts

Business Form


Legal Form

Public Company


Marie Therese Borrut (known as Nadia Salah); Abdelmounaim Dilami

The Dilami couple is also the founder of the company and journalists working at the two newspapers owned by the company.

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other Print Outlets



L’Economiste Magasine

Assabah Magasine

Other Radio Outlets

Atlantic Radio

Other Online Outlets


Media Business

Printing Company




l’Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme et de Communication (100)

General Information

Founding Year



Abdelmounaim Dilami I Marie Therese Borut (Nadia Salah)

Affiliated Interests Founder

Dilami and his spouse are the current owners of EcoMedias, publishing company of the daily newspapers L’Economiste and Assabah as well as of Atlantic radio station.




70 Boulevard Al Massira Al Khadra

Casablanca, Morocco

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Executive Board

Abdelmounaim Dilami

Further Information

Data Publicly Available

ownership data is easily available from other sources, e. g. public registries etc.

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Meta Data

Latest publicly available data on capital division dates back to 2008.

Latest available revenue and operating profit dates back to 2015.

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