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Fahd Yata

Fahd Yata

Fahd Yata is the founder, director and editorialist of La Nouvelle Tribune. He is the son of Ali Yata, an emblematic figure of the Moroccan political landscape who founded the Moroccan Communist Party [PCM] and the Party of Progress and Socialism [PPS]. Fahd Yata’s uncle - brother to Ali Yata - was a highly-respected journalist who passed away in 1996, Nadir Yata.


Fahd Yata holds a Doctorate in International Relations, a diploma in Law and a Bachelor in Political Science from the French university Paris I, Panthéon Sorbonne. Yata has been teaching at the University Hassan II of Casablanca. After having been editor-in-chief of Al Bayane,as well as of the magazine Tijaris, and the monthly Enjeux et de La Vie Economique, Fahd Yata founded the French-language weekly La Nouvelle Tribune in 1995. He is now also in charge of the online version of this outlet, launched in 2011.


Fahd Yata is undeniably one of the pro-regime figures of the press and is often offered a platform to speak on by public television channels.


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Fahd Yata is the son of political figure Ali Yata.

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